6% Rebate at Tangs
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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the qualifying Citibank cards are eligible for the Tangs rebates?
Tangs rebates are applicable to all Singapore-issued Citibank cards which include Citibank Credit Cards, Citibank Corporate Credit Cards and Citibank International CitiCards except Co-brand Credit Cards.

Citibank Tangs Visa and M1 Citibank Visa will continue to enjoy Bonus Dollars/Bonus Cash rebates under their respective Co-brand Programme.
2. I am holding a Citibank-Tangs Visa Card. What does this mean to me?
Citibank Tangs Visa cardmembers will now earn a higher rebate of 8% in the form of Bonus Dollars.
3. Do I have to register to qualify for the Tangs rebates?
No registration is required. Citibank cardmembers will automatically earn Tangs rebates when they charge their purchases to the qualifying cards.
4. How do I earn and redeem Tangs rebates when I shop at Tangs with my Citibank card?
You will earn $0.60 rebate at Tangs, Tangs Studio*, Island Shop and SEED*, and $1.00 rebate at Island Café for every $10 nett charged to your Citibank card rounded down to the nearest $10. Redeem the rebates on your next visit to offset your purchases by presenting the same card at point of payment.

*Not applicable to the new outlets at Paragon Extension yet.
5. Are there any purchases / services which do not qualify for Tangs rebates?
Yes. Laundry, dry-cleaning, postage, freight, insurance, delivery, repair and alteration services do not qualify for Tangs rebates.
6. Are Tangs rebates transferable or exchangeable for cash?
No. Tangs rebates earned are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
7. How can I check the amount of Tangs rebates I have earned?
Your Tangs rebates balance will be reflected on the Tangs sales receipt as “CARE$” after each transaction and/or redemption. You may also approach any cashiers with your Citibank card to check your Tangs rebates balance.
8. Is there an expiry date for the rebates earned?
- Tangs rebates earned between 1st April to 30th September expire 6 months later on 31st March of the following year.
- Tangs rebates earned between 1st October to 31st March of the following year expire 6 months later on 30th September.
Tangs rebates must be redeemed fully or partially within the stipulated periods as unutilized rebates will be forfeited upon expiry.
9. Can I earn/redeem the Tangs rebates if I forget to bring my Citibank card?
No. The earning and redeeming of Tangs rebates are only effective when you charge your purchases to your Citibank card. No other requests will be entertained after purchases have been made.
10. If I hold more than one Citibank cards, can I combine the rebates earned on each card for a single redemption?
You will not be able to make a single redemption by combining the Tangs rebates earned on the different Citibank cards.

We encourage you to use only one Citibank card to earn and redeem Tangs rebates for ease of administration. If you currently have Tangs rebates on more than one card, you may approach Tangs Customer Service Counter at Level 2 for a one-time transfer of your Tangs rebates to your preferred Citibank card.
11. I have just been issued a replacement Citibank card. Will the Tangs rebates I earned on the old card be transferred to the new card?
Tangs rebates will be transferred to the new replacement card if replacement is due to card expiry. For replacement due to loss, you would need to call Citibank Customer Service at 6225 5225 or approach Tangs Customer Service Counter at Level 2 for assistance.
12. What happens if I cancel my account with Citibank?
Tangs rebates will expire once the account is closed.